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In case you don’t know who’s C.T. Fletcher. I mean you
still got to learn things about fitness.

C.T. Fletcher was born in June 8, 1959 is an American powerlifting vlogger, media personality, actor, personal trainer, and former powerlifter and bodybuilder. He was a three-time World Bench Press Champion and three-time World Strict Curl Champion.

This human is a real beast I mean he set the world record at that time with 300kg bench press and 102kg curls with EZ bar.

All this records are supposed to be attained on a natural way which absolutely incredible. Because lived in a poor family he said that he couldn’t afford to take steroids and stuff like that.

He grew up with an abusive father who at the time was preaching in a four-car garage. When he began junior high, they had moved to Lakewood, California where his father invested in his own church.

At age 12, Fletcher acquired a job at a gas station. In 1977, aged 18, he joined the U.S. Army. He was stationed in Germany. Soon after, he married his high school sweetheart and they had children of their own. While stationed in Germany, he became interested in martial arts. In 1979, he started to take Karate classes and earned a second degree black belt. In 1980, he began weightlifting and bodybuilding. At first he was interested in bodybuilding, but then powerlifting caught his interest. During the early 1990s, his marriage ended. He met a woman while working at the post office, and in 1995, they had a child named Samson. In total, he and his wife have seven children.

In 2013, he began vlogging on YouTube. In 2016, he opened his first gym, Iron Addicts Gym in Signal Hill, California where he resides.

workout exercises, workout routines, best gym supplements

Health problems

His diet consisting into 6-8 double cheeseburger from McDonalds/day, 12 eggs and many protein shakes, you can imagine where a diet like this could drive on a long term…

After 16 years with this diet, in 2001, Fletcher received a phone call from his doctor regarding his hypertension and how it could be life-threatening. His body had taken a major hit and he was disabled at age 42. In 2004, his mother died from congestive heart failure. The following year, he was admitted to a hospital in Long Beach, CA; from there, he was transported to UCI Medical Center for open heart surgery.

Fletcher inherited from his mother’s side of the family a heart condition that has heavily impacted his life. His mother and all nine of her siblings died from heart problems. In 2005, he underwent life-saving open heart surgery. On The Joe Rogan Experience, Fletcher talked about how he had another heart attack in June 2017 and was at that time hoping to get on the waiting list for a heart transplant. On May 5, 2018, Fletcher announced via Twitter that a heart had been found for him. He underwent an 11+ hour heart transplant surgery on May 6, 2018.

Fletcher returned to discuss his life after the transplant on the Joe Rogan Experience on May 7, 2019. CT Fletcher has a new take on life.


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