workout exercises, workout routines, best gym supplements

In many countries, GYM is already open or will be open after 15 june.

For some of you there isn’t so much difference in size even if you look a lot smaller. Research shows that muscle size is going down within 2 weeks (THAT IF YOUR NUTRITION IS ON POINT!).

If you start to eat in a calorie surplus and you don’t get all your protein, not only that you will lose muscle faster but also you will cover them with fat.

workout exercises, workout routines, best gym supplements

Actually if you don’t train you will lose strength faster than muscle mass.

I think you’ve notice that yourself. After a few weeks off, your form simply s*cks. That is because neurological adaptations goes down much faster than muscle size.

On the flip side, neurological adaptations are build much faster than muscle size, which means, you’ll improve every workout, until you get back to normal.

So, how we should train in order to get back on track?

  1. Drop your ego!

Don’t get frustreted and try to push your limit to the old personal record earlyer than is neccesary, because you can cause yourself serious injury.

        Accept your new weights, make your old personal records a target, than improve your workouts until you get back to normal.

2.Standard Pyramid Training.

It’s very important to know your current limits. So for the next 2 weeks I would recommend you to do standard pyramid training, after those 2 weeks start again with REVERSE-PYRAMID TRAINING.

        If you want to know more about this topic, I have a video for you to check it out!



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