Best Rep Range For Hypertrophy, Strength, & Endurance

How heavy should you train? Because the heavier the weight, the fewer the reps you will be able to do.


Muscle growth is caused by 3 factors:

  1. Progressive tension overload(lifting heavier and heavier over time).
  2. Muscle damage(micro-tears of fiber that necessitate to be repaired).
  3. Cellular fatigue(push your muscle to his metabolically limit through high reps).

From all these three, ”Progressive Tension Overload” have the most profound effect on muscle growth. But if we want to maximize our muscle size we need all these three.

Best Rep Ranges for Mass, Hypertrophy, and Strength - Physiqz

Does the rep range even matter as long as you make progress?

        Studies shows that you can progress in any rep ranges as long as you keep progressing. But the results are not equal in any situation and medium rep range still win in the end.

        The reason for that is because your weight must be heavy enough to stimulate your fast-twitch muscle fibers, so the loads has to be above 50% of your 1RM (One Repetition Maximum).

Low loads train low-twitch muscle fibers, fibers that are responsible with endurance, once this muscle fibers get fatigued, our body will stimulate fast-twitch muscle fibers until all muscle fibers are fatigued.

        For that you have to train every single set, in low loads to failure, which is not necessary.

        For more information, here’s an old video of mine that may be helpful for you. Studies into the video description:

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