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Lots of misconseptions about clean eating of veganism which seems to be ”the king” in health and diets, compared with normal eating.

Most of this things started probably from the famous documentary called ”The Game Changers” on Netflix.

First things first, what is ”Veganism”?

Veganism, represent a category of vegetarians, which consume only veggies and completely avoid animal products.

Vegans and vegetarians are not the same, because you can consume eggs and milk and you’re still vegetarian. Veganism is the most strict style of vegetarian. Without milk, eggs, meat, fish, honey and any other product variations.

There are some hypothesis that says, human aren’t made to eat meats or any other animal products, which is completely wrong. If we looking back through the human evolution, Australopithecus, was hunting animals to survive and his biology was into a continuous evolution till today.

Human was made omnivorous, which means he is perfectly adapted to eat vegetables and meats.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect the ethical reasons of veganism, because growing and killing animals for food on industrial levels, is a little bit wrong morally and also harmful for the environment. Is a huge difference between hunting for food to survive and industrial production.

But you have to understand that, the ethical reasons and nutrition reality, are not the same thing. Using supplements for vegans is mandatory, because some things are not found in veggies.

Some days or weeks, you will not notice a difference, because our body has its own reserves, but on a long term, you’ll get serious nutritional deficiencies, which can damage your life quality.

It can be a healthy lifestyle after all, but in order to make veganism your lifestyle, you really have to educate yourself, if you want to do this for a long term.

I want to mention that in the animal products, doesn’t exists fiber, which means, nutrients absorption haven’t any problem. Due to fibers that we can find in plants, a part of nutrients remain locked and eliminate at toilet.

For example, let’s say, a veggie have 20g of protein, it’s impossible to be absorbed entirely, if is not well processed by the body. That is because veggies have a cell membrane formed by cellulose, that’s what we know as a ”dietary fiber”. In order to get to the nutrients of a veggie, our body have to break this cellular wall. But the problem is that humans can’t digest fiber, because the chemical bonds are type β and the enzymes from our body can dissolve only chemical bonds type α.

workout exercises, workout routines,

It doesn’t mean fibers are bad or harmful!

In reality, fibers are extremely healthy. First of all, it decrease risk of colorectal cancer, it reduce cardiovascular disease, it helps you for weight adjustment, and decrease blood pressure.

Daily recommended fiber intake, is between 18-30g of fiber/day.

Also, a unique benefit coming from vegetables, are phytonutrients, although they are not essential to survive like vitamins and minerals, it brings a lot of benefits for the body, because it acts like antioxidants, which means it reduce risk of cancer, stops aging and reduce tissue destruction.

OK… as I said above, vegetables doesn’t satisfy all the needs of our body for an ideal life, and I’m very sure when I’m saying that a vegan lifestyle is something that will leads to serious deficiencies and can be harmful for your health. Something that we can’t find in plants, is creatine, the most popular supplement in fitness. Creatine is stored into the muscle, but we also can find concentrated quantities into the brain. It works like an excellent source of energy, giving strength and endurance to the muscles.

In ”The Royal Society” is presented a study that compared omnivorous with vegetarians and shows that when vegetarians take a creatine supplement, they show an improve in intellectual performance, while omnivorous dosen’t see any difference. Also creatine is very important for imunitar system. Recently was discovered that ”T” cells are helped by creatine into the fight with cancer.

Vitamin D3, iodine, taurine, zinc, selenium, coline, vitamin A, calcium, carnosine, vitamin B6 and B2, have a low absorption because of the anti-nutrients from veggies

Anti-nutrients are plant compounds that reduce the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. They are not a major concern for most people, but may become a problem during periods of malnutrition, or among people who base their diets almost solely on grains and legumes.

This are anti-nutrients are made in order to keep predators at bay. Here we can take as an example, hot peeper.


Is it worth to start a vegan life?

If for you, the ethical reasons matter the most and you feel ok with this lifestyle, go on! But make sure you take some supplements and you consume a huge variety of plants.

But if your reasons are nutritional, a better option is to start learn how to eat healthier as an omnivorous.

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I started my fitness career in the begining of 2019. ”Johnny” is my real name adapted in english, and ”Rhino” is my nickname. My mission is to erase all the old myths about nutrition and fitness like: 6 meals/day, tons of cardio for fat loss, type of foods(healthy food/bad food), etc. I entered into the fitness industry because I wanted to lose fat and ”specialists” arround me couldn’t help me. I don’t mean they don’t even try, but all the things that I learned from them was ”Broscience” and it didn’t work very well for me. So I started my fitness journey alone and I learned as much as I could in order to lose fat and reveal my muscle and also anytime I got some news imediatly I helped all the gymbros in my gym. Now I want to help as many people as I can, to reveal their physique potential . Everyday I’m searching for new studies to complete my information in order to improve the results of my clients and mine of course. ”No citzen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a human to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” -Socrates


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