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For most people a new year, often means a new beginning. For some people it can means a lifestyle changing, like fat loss and starting a new workout routine. Even so, some plans are too restrictive and extremely hard to stick with, which lead most people to give up on their goals in a few weeks. That’s why so many people have the same goals in the beginning of every year.

So, you want to look better, feel better and more successful in the following year? Try to workout at least 4-6 times/week and squeak less.

Any motivational speaker will have ambivalent feelings about new year resolutions. Evidence shows that in many cases, people aren’t successful in fulfilling their resolutions.

To break that cycle, is very important to establish goals that can no longer improve health, but also, can be followed for a long run.

New Year, New Resolutions

Here’s some of the most common goals that can be accomplished in the new year:

Whole foods for fat loss

Consume more whole foods

The easiest way to improve your health is to simply consume more whole nutritious foods.

Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish, contains a lot of nutrients that our body needs to function well.

Research shows that a diet based on whole foods, significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, maintain body weight and a normal level of sugar in the blood system.

Beside, adding more whole foods into a diet, can be done very slowly and surely. For example if you aren’t used to eat salads, start by simply adding a portion of your favorite vegetables.

Move yourself more

More movement

Whether it is due to a sedentary job or simply lack of activity, many people sit longer than it should. This thing can have negative effects on health. In fact a lot of studies, associate this habit with an increased risk of mortality. That’s why a wise man said once ”Life requires movement”.

Sleep is very important for fat loss

Sleep more!

Sleep is an essential factor for our health and its negligence can have negative consequences. For example, a lack of sleep could easily lead to an increasing of weight, cardiovascular diseases and depression.

I know there are a lot of reasons why so many people don’t sleep enough, but we have to figure out a way to improve sleep quality.

Find an activity that you enjoy for the new year.

Find an activity that you enjoy

Every year, in its first weeks, I see GYM full of people. They buy a subscription for the GYM hoping they’ll lose weight. Even if all of them are very ambitious and determined in the beginning, very few people actually transform this habit into a routine for a long term.

Planning a realistic goal, can make a routine easier to follow for a long term especially for beginners.

Even if the most of New Year’s resolutions are kept for a short period of time. The ideas listed above, represent convenient ways to improve physical and emotional health, that can be maintained for a long run. Both creating a diet to stick with and taking care of your mind and body as well, can significantly improve health status in many ways.

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I started my fitness career in the begining of 2019. ”Johnny” is my real name adapted in english, and ”Rhino” is my nickname. My mission is to erase all the old myths about nutrition and fitness like: 6 meals/day, tons of cardio for fat loss, type of foods(healthy food/bad food), etc. I entered into the fitness industry because I wanted to lose fat and ”specialists” arround me couldn’t help me. I don’t mean they don’t even try, but all the things that I learned from them was ”Broscience” and it didn’t work very well for me. So I started my fitness journey alone and I learned as much as I could in order to lose fat and reveal my muscle and also anytime I got some news imediatly I helped all the gymbros in my gym. Now I want to help as many people as I can, to reveal their physique potential . Everyday I’m searching for new studies to complete my information in order to improve the results of my clients and mine of course. ”No citzen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. What a disgrace it is for a human to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” -Socrates


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